Breakers Yard is the Willamette Valley’s most eclectic acoustic band. Sampling from ragtime, country blues, jug band, hot jazz, and delta blues traditions, they do everything from Lindy Hop dances to cowboy ballads to bootie-shakin’ dance parties. Nobody in the area plays more styles as well, in large part due to an incredible amount of combined musical experience.

Our latest release, I Don't Hurt Anymore, is a honky-tonk hootenanny old-time revue ready for your ears and your dancin' shoes. Pick up a CD at a show or download the thing on our Bandcamp page!

Brandon "Greazy" Olszewski — guitar, harmonica, fiddle, lap steel, vocals
"Washrag" Joe Davey — plectrum and tenor banjos, electric guitar, kazoo, vocals
Steven "Grandpa" Weeks — doghouse bass, guitar, vocals
Cameron Wick — rhythm & beats